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De Sjællandske Alper - 18/04/2021

The "Zealand Alps", south of Holbæk, have some of the best and highest cycle ways / hills on Zealand. One of the most difficult climbs, is the "Maglesø climb" up to Mørkemose Bjerg. The good hills are in the whole area around Maglesø, Igelsø and Brorfelde. But the whole area in northern Central Zealand is very hilly and loved by road cyclists; incl. signed :-)
Orebjerg  Skibby - 16/04/2021

A zig-zag ride from Orebjerg to Skibby, Denmark, april 2021.
Gundslev Bakkespurt, Falster - 29/07/2020
Strava segment :

Hannenov Skov, Falster - 27/07/2020

On a bike trip with Henrik & Ulla.
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